Port Environment

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After a few years of development, several port authorities including Customs, National Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ for short), Maritime, Frontier inspection, Inspection center and Nansha International Logistics Park established here which improved customs clearance efficiency.

Nansha Maritime Department, the youngest one of Guangdong Maritime Bureau, was formally established In October 2007. There are office of comprehensive affairs, office of supervision and law enforcement in Nansha Maritime Department that consists of Dahu, Nansha port area, Hengli and Jiaomen four offices.

Nansha Immigration Inspection Station, affiliated to Guangzhou Immigration Inspection Station, was formally established in August 2008. It mainly responsible for the inspection task of Nansha Terminal Phase I and II and Longxue Repairing Base of CSIC(China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation).

Nansha International Logistics Park was approved by the State Council on October 18th, 2008 and successfully passed the acceptance of 11 joint national ministries on July 9, 2009, become the first bonded area in Guangdong. Guangzhou Nansha Bonded Port Area has started operation from August 31th, 2009.

Nansha Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was founded on January 20, 2009. Four divisions, that is, Integrated Division, Inspection Division, Supervision Division, Ship Inspection Division, was set up in Longxuedao Office. In March, the General Administration of Customs and the State Council approved the formal establishment of Nansha Customs.

With the increasing improvement of port authorities, Nansha Inspection Center becomes a unified place where vessels, cargos and people are examined by Customs, Inspection station and Maritime bureau. The Inspection Center is run by Guangzhou Port Group Freight Shipping Co., Ltd., covering an area of 173,000 square meters.